3 Tech Companies Paying Top Entry-Level Salaries

How hard is it to find a decent entry-level tech salaries? It’s actually not very hard to find a good entry-level tech job if you know where to look. Some large corporations like Google offer attractive perks for its employees on top of a good entry-level tech salary. Amazon, Apple and Google are three companies that top lists of tech companies that pay generous entry-level salaries.

1 – Amazon

Amazon has a reputation for being a tough place to work for even though it says that a New York Times investigation misrepresented its workplace culture. It does have a tendency to be demanding and the ACLU claims that it tends to be unforgiving of employees who have to take time off for family. If you can hack it, though, Amazon employees earn a median annual income of $109,000 and can earn bonuses averaging $22,000.

2 – Apple, Inc.

Despite claims that Apple lost something vital when Steve Jobs retired, this company pays generous tech salaries to entry-level employees. A junior worker can earn $104,000 a year and bonuses averaging $16,000. Apple is also a favored selection for investors using online trading platforms to exercise positions.

3 – Google, Inc.

Google has a reputation for providing generous perks for its employees and for being a good place for entry-level employees looking for good tech salaries to start their careers. Most recently, it established a startup incubator for employees that might have been thinking about founding their own companies.

Salaries tend to be a bit lower than Amazon and Apple, though, with the median salary being $86,000 and an average bonus at $20,000.

Challenge and Competition in Tech

Finding a good entry-level position in the tech industry can be challenging and competitive. Be prepared for creative interview questions that reveal a lot about your thought processes if you apply to any large tech corporation. However, if you can get in the door at any of these three companies, you’ll be able to make a good entry-level tech salary.