Apple Vs Samsung

Apple Company and Samsung Electronics, (commonly referred to as Samsung), are the top two greatest multinational companies that manufacture electronics used across the world. These two companies have spent huge amounts of money to successfully place life-changing gadgets in the hands of billions of people all over the world and to ensure their dominance.

Flagship Products

Apple majorly produces smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Apple is commonly known for its iPhone smartphones series.Samsung, on the other hand, has three basic divisions; consumer electronics, mobile and device solutions.

Consumer electronics division is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Samsung big boxes such as kitchen appliances, Samsung TVs, Samsung washing machines and Samsung air conditioners. The devices solution division manufactures hard drives, LED panels, semiconductors among other devices. The IT and mobile division is responsible for Samsung smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Tech Market Dominance

The sale of iPhone smartphones and Macbooks are the major source of income for the Apple Company. The sale of mobile devices outsells the sale of their laptops. The sale of Samsung smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are responsible for over 70% of the company’s earning. Samsung has a wider variety of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices to choose from than Apple. Generally, Samsung sells more tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices more than Apple.

Samsung mobile devices use the Android operating system. Apple mobile devices, on the other hand, use the iOS operating system. These are the two most common and the best mobile device operating systems in the world today

Customization and Upgradability

With Samsung mobile devices you can upgrade an operating system from one version to a higher one. Most of the basic apps available on Google’s Android play store are also free and some are charged. Samsung users also have the freedom to buy or download music, movies, clips and install apps from other avenues.

Apple’s mobile devices on the other hand are somewhat locked down. You cannot upgrade your operating system from one version to a higher one. You are also forced to buy entertainment products such as music files from iTunes.