Best Social Media Apps – Review

Over the years, Facebook app has become the largest social media app. The Facebook app allows you to go through your feeds, check out your friends’ Facebook profile information among several other features. Facebook app also provides you with a faster and more reliable performance than the Facebook mobile site providing you with the best way to interact with your Facebook friends from your smartphone or tablet. Facebook app also has a feature that allows you to find your nearby Facebook friends for easy hook ups.


The official Twitter app continues to get better and better every day. The twitter app allows you to make short status updates which are usually less than 140 characters. This makes it easy and convenient for twitter users to catch up on news and other information. There are several other twitter apps on the internet some which tie Facebook with twitter, but the official Twitter app remains as the best option for the best twitter experience.


Snapchat is quickly becoming a favorite app for most social media users. The snapchat app is slightly different from other social media apps like twitter and Facebook. Snapchat allows you to take photos and send them to your friends who are also on Snapchat. Snapchat however allows your friends to look at your photo for a limited amount of time usually 10 seconds before the photo disappears. If you friend on snapchat takes a screenshot of your photo the snapchat app notifies you of the action.


Whatsapp has become the most common way through which you can talk with people in different parts of the world. Whatsapp boosts of over 900 million users across the world with millions of whatsapp messages being sent and received through the whatsapp servers. Thewhatsapp app uses internet connection to send and receive messages as opposed to the traditional cellular networks. Whatsapp spread faster across the world due to its amazing feature whereby it automatically populates your whatsapp friends’ list with phone numbers that you have already saved on your phone.


Viber is another amazing app that adds interesting features to your messaging. With viber, you can create viber group texts which can accommodate up to 100 viber users.The Viberapp alsooffers you a chance to include locations, stickers, audio clips and emoticons on your messages. Viber app allows you to make high quality video calls and audio calls even on 3G connections. Viber app provides you with a convenient way that you can use to message, call and video call your friends on viberacross the world for free.