Should You Build Your Own Desktop Computer?

Building your own desktop computer is coupled with numerous benefits than disadvantages. By performing a computer DIY you are able to completely customize it to your desired specifications.

Unlike when purchasing pre-built models, you are capable of setting up a powerful and effective desktop computer with top quality hardware if you build it yourself. This is especially beneficial to users who want to play the latest technology computer games on their desktops or those after high-quality sounds, speed or graphics.

Potential For Upgrades

computerYou are also provided with the option of upgrading your desktop computer’s internal hardware whenever you want. Whenever a component of your desktop computer breaks down you can replace it rather than replace the whole computer. This is something that cannot be done with a majority of the pre-built computer models.

A computer DIY provides you with the ability to choose your desired external aesthetic features for your desktop computer. These features may include the color scheme for your case, case texture or whether to include bright flashing LED lights in your unit. You can also choose to change your case from time to time.

Accessing Inner Functionalities

Most prebuilt desktop computer versions are designed in a way that makes it almost impossible for you to access the inner functionalities of your computer. This provides computer manufacturers with an opportunity to install cheaper and substandard hardware such as the fans and the cooling unit. Cables are also poorly managed leading to poor air circulation that leads to heating up of the CPU which exposes your computer to high risks of crashing.

A computer DIY provides you with the chance to better manage your cables as well as to properly position your cooling system. If you build it yourself there will be no dust accumulation in your unit due to proper air circulation.

Differences In Warranties

Most store-bought prebuilt desktop computers come with a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty. On the other hand, computer components such as the CPU, RAM, Motherboard and Multimedia cards come with a 3-year or more warranties. In this scenario, it remains the best computer practice if you build it yourself.

Lastly, most prebuilt desktop computers have an already installed operating system as well as other bloatware such as antivirus and other software. Through computer DIY you get to choose and install an operating system and software that you desire if you build your own computer.